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All our rabbits come with pedigrees.  The majority of our breeding stock is registered with ARBA. 

The Dutch are known for their great temperments.  All of our babies are handled from birth, so they are very gentle and used to being handled. 

Pet quality:  $15-30
Brood quality:  $20 to $40
Show quality  $25 to $75

Guarantees and Sales Policies:  All rabbits are sold with a 2 week health guarantee.  This guarantee is void if the owner does not follow our care instructions or causes the death or disease of the rabbit.  If your rabbit exhibits any signs of disease within 2 weeks please contact us immediately so we can mutually decide on the cause of the problem. If it can be traced back to the our rabbitry, you can return the rabbit for a full refund or a replacement rabbit (if one is available). Any replacement of stock after 2 weeks is solely up to our disgression.   
In order to prevent any of our rabbits from ending up abandoned in shelters, we will accept back any rabbit you have purchased from us at anytime but you will not be entitled to a refund or reimbursement for any expenses you have incurred with the rabbit. If you return a rabbit to us, we ask you include their cage, equipment, feed, &  toys. You will not be given any money in return for giving us the cage and accessories and they will be given to the rabbit's new owner. If for some reason we are unable to physically take the rabbit at the time we will assist you in finding a new home and at the earliest possible time physically take possession of the rabbit. The rabbit will be returned in the same condition it left our rabbitry, no injuries or disease and having been well cared for.
We will not knowingly sell a "mean" rabbit, mean defined as vicious. If you are having trouble with a rabbit, please call us immediately and the rabbit will be evaluated. We will provide any assistance and training help if you are having difficulties with a rabbit. Also keep in mind most behavior problems can be "cured" with spaying and neutering and maturity of the rabbit.
Any other problems: If you ever have a problem with your rabbit please contact us for assistance.
Bad checks written to us are subject to a $100 charge.