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E. & P. Rabbitry

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(Note: This website needs some major help (Most of this stuff is practically five years old!), so look forward to an updated and fun website soon =])

Welcome to E. & P. Rabbitry's Website. E. & P. is short for Elizabeth and Patricia. We are 4H'ers who are raising Dutch show bunnies. We are also belong to ARBA, American Dutch Rabbit Club and The Blue Ridge Rabbit and Cavy Club.

We started Fall 2004 with two Tortoise and two Black Dutch. In January we added Chocolate Dutch to the herd. We started showing our rabbits in February. We love going to shows, and so do are bunnies. Please check out our awards page to see how our bunnies have been doing. Our bunnies love to show off. ^^



Black, Chocolate, Tortoise Pedigreed Dutch Rabbits


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